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The Vestal Public Library is seeking local artists interested in displaying their work at The VPL Gallery to celebrate local artists and foster an open dialog about art and visual communication.

  • Each Artist or group of artists (if collaborating) will be assigned a month on the calendar for their show in the VPL Gallery (2D artworks) or Display Cases (for small-medium 3-D artworks).

  • Each art show will remain on display for 1 month (unless otherwise indicated).​​

  • There is no cost or donation requirement to hang art in the VPL Gallery or Display Cases.

  • Each Artist(s) is/are responsible for the timely installation and removal of all art according to the agreed upon schedule.

  • All 2-D artwork must be hung from the provided picture rails (see a staff member for details)

  • Artists must provide VPL with:

    • an electronic copy of their artist statement

    • an electronic copy of their show description / theme / etc…

    • an electronic copy of all artworks in the show with: Title, Date, Medium/Process, Dimensions

  • Artists who choose to sell their artwork will provide their contact information along with their artist statement for sale purposes.

  • VPL assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to displayed items. If desired, artists may provide their own insurance.


  • VPL as a family friendly institution, reserves the right refuse the display of artworks containing or expressing content that is deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to: 

    • ​ Obscene content [messages or images];

    • ​​Hate speech, personal attacks, insults, or threatening language

  • Artist(s) may book the Large Meeting Room for a free “Gallery Opening” on the First Friday of each month. Artist(s) must provide their own refreshments.


Hallway Gallery:

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