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Thank you for donating!

Thank you for donating materials for the Vestal High School Food Pantry. Vestal is such an amazing community!

Over the 4 week donation period from October 15 to November 17, we collected 3 bins plus several bags of food items, and 1 large bin of hygiene and cleaning products! All supplies were dropped off at the school on Monday, November 21 and were received with much gratitude.

The Vestal High School Community Food Pantry is open to Vestal Residents on Wednesday evenings from 4 - 6PM. Donations are always welcome! Just call 607-757-2214 on weekdays between 8 AM – 2:30 PM to make arrangements.

Thank you again for Giving Back to our community!

Image shows boxes and bags of items donated to the Vestal High School Food Pantry


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