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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

UPDATE: Contacting your representatives just got easier! Fill out the form on the #LAD23 Take Action Campaign page here!

💚 Love is in the air, and VPL encourages you to participate in Library Advocacy Day on February 28, 2023, to show your love for our local public libraries. More details:

Here are a few more ways to be a Library Advocate all year long:

- Contact your local representative and urge them to support library funding

- Provide constructive feedback to help VPL serve our community better - VPL Community Survey

- Attend Board Meetings or become a VPL Board of Trustees Member

- Visit VPL as much as possible to use our materials, programs, and services

This year, the NYS Governor’s proposed budget has significantly cut library funding and we need advocates like you to help reverse this decision. You can email your local representatives personally or copy and paste the template below to help reverse the cut to New York Libraries.

Vestal Representatives:

- NY Assembly D123 - Donna Lupardo -

- NY Senate D52 - Lea Webb -

Email Template:


The Governor's proposed budget cuts aid to libraries by $3.5 Million and cuts Construction Aid by $20 Million, resulting in a $500,000 cut to our local library system. These budget cuts will adversely impact libraries’ ability to not only maintain and improve their physical spaces but will reduce their capacity to provide quality programs and services to their communities.

Now, more than ever, Libraries are the new community centers demonstrating their value and importance by providing free access to information, technology, enrichment, exploration, and life-long learning for all members of our communities.

I urge you to show your support for public libraries and consequently our communities by voting to reverse the budget cuts and increase spending for public libraries.


[Your Name Here]

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