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Fantastic Stuffed Animal Sleepover!

20 Stuffed Friends makes for a fantastic Stuffed Animal Sleepover! We had a puppet show, read books, and made s'mores. Read about what your stuffy was up to in the photo captions and be on the lookout for another Stuffed Animal Sleepover in the fall!

We started our sleepover with a puppet show put on by Snoopy and George! Then our friends played in the Youth Department!

McDragon, Reddy, Chase, Slush, and Pinky worked on the puzzles at the table.

Snoopy loved playing with the vacuum while his buddies played with puzzles.

Cinnamon and Nellse loved playing with building blocks!

George, Sammy, and Snakey played with the big bead jungle gym and the play cube.

Moo Cow, Flower, Lindi, and Don't Know the Sloth are some of our smaller friends, and they had a tea party, their tea of choice for their party was chamomile.

Snakie, Moo Cow, McDragon, Pinky, Don't Know the Sloth, and Lindi playing with the magnet letters and a climbing race to the top of the shelf.

Friends really loved playing chess and peg board games!

Of course, we read books too! We even had fun reading books by flashlight too!

Our dragon friends Cinnamon and McDragon help light our campfire! They also helped make sure everyone's marshmallows were properly roasted.

By the campfire, Miss Molly read a special story, Stuffie Sleepover at the Library by Lenora Riegal, whilst everyone was enjoying their s'mores.

All of the friends loved that they got to sleep inside a tent! We kept some flashlights on for the friends who were a little nervous about being in the dark, everyone did great sleeping over at the library!


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