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Adult Services:

Friends of the Library

* Friends Yoga: Every Friday
* The chair yoga classes from 5:00 to 6:00 pm are free, donations accepted.
* The regular yoga classes are from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, and are $5.00 per class.
* Former library director Jim Holley, a registered yoga teacher, will continue to teach the class.  
* Donations support Friends of the Vestal Public Library programs.

 For more information, contact Jim Holley at (607)754-4244 

Author Talk: Madis Senner

The Vestal Public Library is pleased to welcome author Madis Senner.  On Wednesday, March 29 at 7 pm, Senner will be discussing New York State’s rich history of reform and spirituality.  The majority of the material will come from his book ‘Sacred Sites in North Star Country.’  The book details the special and sacred places in Upstate NY that helped shape the world.  Senner chose to focus his book on this region, also referred to as the Burned-over District due to its spiritual wildfires, as it is the birthplace of the Women’s Movement, American Democracy and home to America’s Second Great Awakening.   He will emphasize his discussion on nearby sites such as Arnold Park.
Senner, a former money manager turned Seeker, has been published in the NY Times and Barron’s.  In addition to writing books on spirituality, he also leads group meditations, teaches Earth Healing and is a Keeper for several sacred sights. 
Don’t miss out on this very special event!  This author discussion is FREE and open to the public.  Copies of Senner’s book will be available for purchase at the venue and can also be found on   
“There is something unique to the land that fosters transformation.  Learn about this, and where to go to tap into it, to elevate your consciousness, or make a better world in the places close to you.”

~Madis Senner    

Cutting College Costs

College is expensive, but knowledge is power!  With that in mind, it is critical for parents to be informed about the many ways to reduce the expense of higher education, especially loan debt, while at the same time finding the best college fit for their children academically, socially, and financially.
On Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 pm, we invite all high school parents and students to this free, one hour educational seminar.  It will be presented by College Assistance Plus, a national college consulting company based outside of Rochester, NY.  Learn how to navigate the college planning process including:  college selectivity, applications, college costs, financial aid, and scholarships.  Take home real-world solutions for mitigating the cost of sending your student to college without jeopardizing your family’s financial future! 

RSVP:  Contact or (607) 684-5916

Youth Services:

Story Time - March/April 2017

Storytime sign-ups will be month by month. To register, stop by the library or call us at (607) 754-4243 and ask for the Youth Services Department. Sign-ups can be for one session or multiple.

LEAP Toddler - Ages 2-3

 LEAP Toddler is our storytime for ages 2-3. LEAP stands for Learning Enrichment and Play. Storytimes involve several stories, with music and a craft at the end. Storytimes for February are listed below:

Storytimes for March are listed below:

Tuesday, March 7   10:00 A.M - 10:45 A.M
Tuesday, March 14   10:00 A.M.- 10:45 A.M
Tuesday, March 21   10:00 A.M.- 10:45 A.M
Wednesday, March 8 10:00 A.M.- 10:45 A.M
Wednesday, March 15 10:00 A.M. -10:45 A.M
Wednesday, March 22 10:00 A.M.- 10:45 A.M

Storytimes for April are listed below:
Tuesday, April 4  10:00 A.M.-10:45 A.M.
Tuesday, April 11  10:00 A.M-10:45 A.M
Tuesday, April 18  10;00 A.M-10:45 A.M
Wednesday, April 5 10:00 A.M- 10:45 A.M
Wednesday, April 12 10:00 A.M- 10:45 A.M
Wednesday, April 26 10:00 A.M- 10:45 A.M


Combined Storytime - Ages 2-5

Our Combined Storytime is for ages 2-5. It is a regular storytime with multiple stories, songs and a craft at the end! Storytimes for February are listed below:

Story times for March are listed below:

Wednesday, March 8   11:30 A.M.- 12:30 P.M
Wednesday, March 15   11:30 A.M- 12:30 P.M
Wednesday, March 22   11:30 A.M.- 12:30 P.M

Storytimes for April are listed below:

Wednesday, April  5   11:30 A.M.- 12:30 P.M
Wednesday, April 12   11:30 A.M- 12:30 P.M
Wednesday, April 26   11:30 A.M.- 12:30 P.M

Mother Goose Lapsit - Ages 0-24 Months

Mother Goose uses a variety of activities, including rhymes and songs to foster speech development, motor coordination and more!

Friday, March 31      10:30-11:15 A.M 
Friday, April 14th   10:30-11:15 A.M
Friday, April 28th   10:30-11:15 A.M 

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead is a new program at the Vestal Library. It is intended for ages 3-7, and will involve a short lesson on concepts relating to the project. Each session will include a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art&Design or Math element to it. The sessions are different from each other, so children can register for both.

Dates for March/ April are as follows:

Wednesday, March 1st    11:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M
Wednesday, March 29th  4:00 P.M-5:00 P.M

Saturday, April 8th  11:30 A.M-12:30 P.M
Thursday, April 27th  4:00 P.M -5:00 P.M

The Middle
Ages 7-12
Logos in the Library Part 2
More Games, Crafts and fun involving those colored bricks!
Monday, April 10th 4: 15 P.M- 5:30 P.M

Game Days

Join the Youth Services Department for their Family Game Days!  

Play board games, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. No registration is required for this event. Family Game Days: Children of all ages are welcome to attend. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 
The next game days will be in May

 For more information and dates, contact the Youth Services Department at 607-754-4243.

                                 Paws For Friendship
                                                                    Come Read with therapy dogs.

Monday,March 27    6:00 P.M -8:00 P.M
Monday, April 10,   6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M
Monday, April 24th  6:00 P.M - 8:00 P.M